Begin with the core concepts of Angular, ensuring a thorough understanding of the framework’s capabilities and applications.

Delve into the principles of custom architecture design, focusing on how to architect Angular applications uniquely and effectively.

Learn the art of splitting your application into distinct features, enhancing modularity, maintainability, and scalability.

Explore the innovative use of signals for store management, a cutting-edge approach that offers a streamlined and efficient way to handle application state.

Get hands-on experience in designing and implementing a custom architecture in Angular, using signals for store management.

Absorb the best practices for Angular development, ensuring your applications are not only functional but also adhere to industry standards.

Apply your skills in real-world scenarios, simulating the challenges faced in professional Angular development and custom architectural design.

Learn from experienced Angular professionals, and engage with a community of peers to share insights, tips, and collaborative opportunities.

Gain access to a variety of resources for continuous learning and keeping abreast of the latest trends and techniques in Angular and custom architecture.

This course is ideal for developers who wish to go beyond the basics of Angular and explore innovative approaches to application architecture. Whether you are aiming to boost your Angular skills, or you want to specialize in custom architectural patterns using signals for store management, this course offers the knowledge and practical experience you need to advance in the world of modern web development.

1490 Eur

(including VAT)

For 16 hours course splited to 2 days.

Course for a maximum of 5 participants.

The course takes place every month.

The date will be specified based on demand.

In case of interest, please register through

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